Study in UK

Why Study in UK?

The degrees offered at our partner universities are recognised around the world. Britain is well known for its prestigious universities and high academic standards so you can be sure that you won't have any problems returning to the US to seek employment or further study. American employers in general will be impressed with an applicant who has studied overseas as it shows you have international experience, which is highly valued in our ever more globalized society, and that you are independent, open-minded, flexible and up for a challenge!

British degree programs have a professionalized nature and students focus their studies from the start of their degree. Masters' degrees are typically 12 months in length. Undergraduate degrees in England and Wales take 3 years to complete, whereas in Scotland they take four years to complete. By saving a year, you will have a head start on your career or and can start earning a year sooner!

A British degree is seen as high quality degree. The quality of teaching, research and facilities are among the best in the world. These factors are assessed regularly by the UK Government ensuring that high academic standards are sustained. Across the Pond's partner universities are leading research institutions with a strong reputation for teaching and attracting exceptional calibre staff and students from around the globe.

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